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Active and Passive Rules in Hindi

In the last blog, I have explained Direct and Indirect Speech in Hindi.In this blog, we will discuss the Active-Passive Voice Rules in Hindi with its explanation, and its variation. I will explain Active-Passive Voice Rules in Hindi. If you want to learn the Active-Passive Voice Rules in Hindi successfully, you will have to study the examples attentively.

Active Passive Voice in Hindi

Definition of Active and Passive Voice

Active Voice में कर्ता और क्रिया में सीधा सम्बन्ध है - कर्ता कार्य करने वाला है । दूसरे शब्दों में, कर्ता सीधे क्रिया सम्पन्न करता है; Object 'Verb के action' को प्राप्त करता है; और केन्द्र बिन्दु कर्ता होता है

यदी वाक्य (Sentence) में कर्ता (Subject) प्रधान (Main) होता है तो उसे हम Active Voice कहते है |


Passive Voice में कर्ता (Subject) और कर्म (Object) के रोल विपरीत हो जाते है - कर्ता कार्य करने वाला नही है । दूसरे शब्दों में, कर्ता निष्क्रिय है और क्रिया के कार्य को प्राप्त करता है; Active क्रिया का ऑब्जेक्ट, passive क्रिया का सब्जेक्ट बन जाता है; और केन्द्र बिन्दु कार्य होता है (कर्ता नही) । यह महत्वपूर्ण नही है की कार्य किसने किया ।

यदी वाक्य (Sentence) में कर्म (Object) प्रधान  (Main) होता है तो उसे हम Passive Voice कहते है |


Active से passive बनाते समय कर्ता (Subject) को कर्म (Object) के स्थान पर रखते है और कर्म (Object) को कर्ता (Subject) के स्थान पर रखते है |


प्रत्येक Tense के Passive Voice में Verb की 3rd form का प्रयोग होता है और कर्ता (Subject) से पहले by लगाते है और Pronoun Subject को change कर देते है


Look at the Table of Pronoun Subject

Active Voice

Passive Voice

















We can change the Active Voice into Passive Voice by the help of below table. 

Active Voice

Passive Voice + 3rd form of verb

1st from of verb


Don’t or does not

Is not/ are not/am not


Is/are/am + being


Has been/have been

2nd form of verb


Did not

Was not/were not


Was being/were being


Had been


Will be/shall be

Will have/shall have

Will have been/shall have been


Modal be


We can understand this table by the following examples.

1.Ram plays cricket with me. (Active)

Cricket is played with me by Ram. (Passive)

2.She doesn’t write a letter to me. (Active)

A letter isn’t written to me by Sita. (Passive)

3.I am learning English from my English teacher. (Active)

English is being learned from my English teacher by me. (Passive)

4 They have accepted their fault. (Active)

Their fault has been accepted by them. (Passive)


(Formulas of each tense. By these formulas we can understand, how can we change the sentence into passive voice. Past Perfect Continuous, Present Perfect Continuous, Future Continuous and Future Perfect Continuous Tense का Passive Voice नहीं बनता है)


Present Simple

Object + is/are/am + 3rd form of verb + etc. +by + Subject.

Object + isn’t/aren’t/am not + 3rd form of verb + etc. + by + Subject.


Present Continuous

Object + is/are/am + being + 3rd form of verb + etc. + by + Subject.


Present Perfect

Object + has/have + been + 3rd form of verb + etc. + by + Subject.


Past Simple

Object + was/were + 3rd form of verb + etc. + by + Subject.

Object + wasn’t/weren’t + 3rd form of verb + etc. + by + Subject.


Past Continuous

Object + was/were + being + 3rd form of verb + etc. + by + Subject.


Past Perfect

Object + had + been + 3rd form of verb + etc. + by + Subject


Future Indefinite

Object + will/shall + be + 3rd form of verb + etc. + by + Subject.


Future Perfect

Object + will have/shall have + been + 3rd form of verb + etc. + by + Subject.



Object + modal helping verb + be + 3rd form of verb + etc. + by + Subject.



We can change the following interrogative sentence into Passive Voice. Look at the examples.

1.Why are you making a noise in the class? (Active)

Why is a noise being made in the class by you? (Passive)

2.When do you take your dinner in the night? (Active)

When is your dinner taken in the night by you? (Passive)

3.Why have cut this tree? (Active)

Why has this tree been by you? (Passive)

4.Are you giving your property to me? (Active)

Is your property being given to me by you? (Passive)

5.Does she play kabbadi with Rajesh? (Active)

Is kabbadi played with Rajesh by her? (Passive)


Do practice Exercise. Change the following sentence into Passive Voice.

1.Mohan can do this work by his intelligence.

2.Sohan will win this match surely.

3.Rahul will have received his letter.

4.You don’t take your money.

5.My father didn’t tell a story to the student.

6.We have checked your bio-data with concentration.

7.My mother is cooking delicious food for the quest.

8.Mr. Narendra Modi gives knowledge about politics his party members.

9.They were purchasing some new clothes from the market.

10.You should park your car in the parking zone.


Write your answer in the comment box.


If you find any problem to understand the rule of this topic, please ask your question in the comment box.

Rajesh Bhatia

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