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Here, I am sharing List of Antonyms Words with Hindi meaning in this blog. I am explaining the List of Antonyms Words. This blog of List of Antonyms Words with Hindi meaning is very important for English grammar and English communication like uses of Present Simple Tense. If you want to learn the List of antonyms words with Hindi meaning, you will have to practice the all rules and examples attentively. This topic is related to Synonyms Words.  List of Antonyms Words with Hindi meanin......


Antonyms or Words of Opposite Meaning (विपरीतार्थक या विलोम शब्द) शब्दों के विपरीतार्थक शब्द जानना भाषा की समृधि के लिए बड़ा उपयोगी होता है | आप इस blog को read करके बड़ी आसानी से अपना शब्द ज्ञान बढ़ा सकते है |You can click here for second blog. Antonyms Words Part B Word Opposite word Ability योग्य Inability अयोग्य Happy खुश Unhappy नाराज Import आयात Export निर्यात Interior भीतरी Exterior बाहरी Maximum ज्यादा Minimum न्यूनतम Include शामिल करना Exclude निकालना Junior छोटा Senior प्रमुख बड़ा Major......


Hello friends,I think that you have read previous blog of "Antonyms Word" and understood about it clearly. Now we will study the remaining part of "Antonyms Words" in this blog.You can click here for first blog. Antonyms Words Part AStart From F to M Word Meaning Word Meaning False झूठ True सच Fat मोटा Thin पतला Fine अच्छा Coarse बुरा Foolish मुर्ख Wise होशियार Fresh ताजा Stale बासी Fear डर Courage साहस Guilty दोषी Innocent निर्दोष Gain प्राप्त करना Loss खोना Good अच्छा Bad बुरा Guide पथ प्रदर्श......


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