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Adjective "An adjective is a word which adds something to the meaning of a Noun or a Pronoun". "Noun या Pronoun की विशेषता प्रकट करने वाले शब्दों को विशेषण (Adjective) कहते है" | Examples: Mamta is a beautiful girl. The cat is black. Manoj is a good boy. We use warm clothes in winter. इन वाक्यों में beautiful, good, black और warm शब्द Adjective है क्योकि वे क्रमश: girl, boy, cat and clothes की विशेषता बताते है | पहचान: "संज्ञा में ‘कैसा,कौन सा, कौन सी,कितना या कितनी’ लगाओ" | "An a......


Hello friends,I think that you have read previous blog of "Adjective" and you have understood it. Now we will study remaining part of Adjective.Proper Adjective "Proper Noun से बनने वाले Adjective को Proper Adjective (व्यक्ति वाचक विशेषण) कहते है" | Examples: An Indian farmer. The American books. The French lady. ये Adjective सामान्य रूप से Adjective of quality ही होते है | Adjective of Number "जिस words से वस्तु की संख्या प्रकट हो, उसे Adjective of Number (संख्या वाचक विशेषण) कहते ......


Use of Some Adjective  Use of Some or Any Some का प्रयोग साधारण वाक्य के लिये, प्रशन वाचक वाक्य के लिये, एवं कुछ के अर्थ में किया जाता है |(i) Some is used in affirmative sentences: Examples: The teacher gave him some books.We have some milk.(ii) Some is used in an interrogative sentence when the question is really a request or an invitation. Examples: May I have some milk, please? (Request)Will you have some tea? (Invitation)(iii) Some is also used in an interr......


Comparison of Adjective Read the following sentence.(i) Rajesh is a rich man.(ii) Rajesh is richer than Rohit.(iii) Rajesh is the richest of all the men in the city. In sentence first, one man is described and the simplest form of the adjective rich is used. This form is called the Positive Degree. जब वाक्य में एक ही आदमी या वस्तु की विशेषता प्रकट होती है तो उसे हम Positive Degree कहते है | In sentence second, Two men are compared. The adjective richer is said to be in the com......


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