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Number "Number is that property of Nouns and Pronouns which signifies whether only one person or thing or more than one it’s meant." "जिस Noun से एक का बोध हो, उसे Singular Number कहते है", जैसे ball, orange, pen, house, tray. These nouns are in the singular number. They denote more than one thing. "जिस Noun से एक से अधिक का बोध हो, उसे Plural Number कहते है" जैसे balls, oranges, pens, houses, trays. These nouns are in the plural number. They denote more than one thing. Formation of Plural......


Hello friends,I think so that you have understood the previous blog of Numbers. Today we will study the remaining part of Numbers. (i) Noun ending in F or Fe form the plural by changing F of Fe into u and adding – es: Singular Plural Calf Calves Half Halves Knife Knives Wolf Wolves Leaf Leaves Life Lives Loaf Loaves ......


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