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Synthesis of Sentence The process by which two or more Simple Sentences are joined into one Simple, Compound or Complex Sentence is called Synthesis. "Synthesis का अर्थ है – ‘जोड़ना या मिलाना’ | यह विधि Analysis के विपरीत है | Synthesis द्वारा दो या दो से अधिक Simple Sentence को जोड़कर एक ही Simple (साधारण), Compound (संयुक्त), या Complex (मिश्रित) Sentence बनाते है" | Combine of Two or More Simple Sentence into a Simple Sentence: Type: 1 Rule: यदि दो वाक्यों के Subject अलग अलग हो,परन्तु Pred......


Hello friends,I think so that you have read the previous blog of Synthesis of Sentence Part A and I suppose that you have understood all the rule of this topic. Now we will study the remaining part of Synthesis of Sentence.Absolute Phrase के प्रयोग द्वारा: Rule: यदि दोनों वाक्यों के Subject अलग अलग हो और दुसरे action में तीव्रता भी न पाई जाए, तो Action Voice में Having + 3rd form तथा Passive voice में Having + been + 3rd form का प्रयोग करो | Examples: The sun rose. The fog disappeared. The s......


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