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The Adverb An adverb is a word that modifies every parts of Sentence except a Noun, Pronoun and Interjection. Adverb (क्रिया विशेषण) वह शब्द है जो Noun, Pronoun and Interjection को छोड़कर अन्य सभी Part of Speech की विशेषता प्रकट करे | Examples: 1. He writes English correctly. (Modifies Verb) 2. Sangeeta is very shy. (Modifies Adjectives) 3. I went there quite willingly. (Modifies Adverb) 4. A crow flew just over her head. (Modifies Preposition) 5. The train left just after we had reac......


Relative Adverb "Relative Adverb दो वाक्यों को जोड़ता है | अपने antecedent (पूर्व प्रयुक्त Noun या Pronoun) की और संकेत करते हुये “Time, Place, Reason और Manner” बनाता है | Relative Adverb है" |-- (When, Where, Why and How). Study the use of Relative Adverb in the following sentences. These adverbs are written in Bold. 1. I don’t know the year when he came here. 2. I know the day when he was born. 3. This is the country where he lived. 4. This is the ground where stood his shop. 5. T......


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