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Commonly Confused Words List

Hello Friends,

I am providing you Commonly Confused Words List with Examples and with their proper use, examples and Hindi meaning. These are used mostly in our daily conversation and writing. So, try to learn it in English in your daily conversation and writing and remove your confusion about these words. Read the all words with examples very carefully and try to make another example of given kind of words in your own language. It is a great fun to learn English. 

Commonly Confused Words List

किसी भाषा में शब्दों का उचित प्रयोग एक मुख्य बात है इसके लिए निरंतर अभ्यास और प्रयत्न की आवश्यकता है | हमें शब्द काप्रयोग करने से पूर्व उसका अर्थ आना चाहिये | कुछ शब्द ऐसे होते है जो अलग अलग हैपर दोनों के अर्थ पास पास होते है | ऐसेशब्दों को भली भाँती मन में बैठाइए और फिर दोनों के अर्थ में जो अंतर हैउसे वाक्यों के द्वारा स्पष्ट रूप से समझ लीजिये |


1. Disinterested: स्वार्थ रहित मतलब तटस्थ या निष्पक्ष

1. Uninterested: रुचिहीन जिसे रूचि हो


The judge must always be disinterested.

I was uninterested in games so I returned home early.


2. Dual: दोगला या दो तरह का

2. Duel: दो व्यक्तियों का युद्ध


Some persons have dual personality. They say something and do otherwise.

They fought a duel and one person was severely injured.


3. Eligible: चुना जाने योग्य

3. Illegible: अस्पष्ट जिसे पढ़ा जा सके


Only a graduate is eligible for this post.

Your hand writing is illegible.


4. Expand: फैलाना

4. Expend: खर्च करना


As the work increases, we shall have to expand our office space.

We shouldn’t expend beyond our limit.


5. Fair: मेला

5. Fair: उचित

5. Fair: साफ


Many people attend the National Book Fair.

We must always paly a fair game.

She is fair complexioned and fair haired.


6. Fare: किराया

6. Fare: प्रगति


What is the rail fare from Delhi to Agra?

How did you fare in your examination?


7. Farther: दूर

7. Further: आगे


Bombay is farther from Delhi than Banaras.

Proceed further, Please.


8. Feel good: प्रसन्न होना

8. Feel well: स्वस्थ होना


She feels very goods amidst her friends.

She is feeling well now.


9. Fewer: कम व्यक्ति या वस्तुएं जो गिनी जा सके

9. Less: कम वस्तु जो की ढेर में दिखाई दे


The Doctor attended fewer patients than last week.

I have less money in my pocket than you have.


10. Floor: फर्श

10. Flour: आटा


She is sitting on the floor.

We make chapaties (bread) of flour.


12. Formally: औपचारिक

12. Formerly: भूतपूर्व अथार्त पहले समय का


The letter was written formally by me.

He was formerly a minister.


13 Forth: आगे

13. Fourth: चौथा


They went forth like in ancient warriors.

The fourth of every month is our pay day.


14. Hair: बाल

14. Heir: उत्तराधिकारी

14. Hare: खरगोश


The color of Rahul’s hair is golden.

The eldest prince is the heir to the throne.

The hare runs very fast.



15. Hanged: आदमी को लटकाना

15. Hung: किसी वस्तु को लटकाना


The prisoner was hanged at dawn.

The picture was hung on the wall.


16. Holy: पवित्र

16. Wholly: सम्पूर्ण रूप से


Diwali is our holy festival.

I wholly agree with your decision.


17. However: तो भी, इस पर भी

17. How ever: कैसी भी


I don’t recommend this book however you can read it.

I am certain that how ever you decide to work you will succeed.


18. Its: इसका

18. It’s: यह है


The shed lost its roof.

It’s an old house.


19. Last: अंतिम

19. Latest: आधुनिकतम


Last date of admission is near. So we should hurry up.

The latest edition of the book is under print.


20. Least: सबसे छोटा/कम

20. Less: दो में से छोटा/कम


He walked the least distance of all.

Tea is less desirable for me than milk.


21. Lightening: हल्का करना

21. Lightning: बिजली चमकाना

21. Lighting: प्रकाश व्यवस्था


He is lightening my burden.

Last night there was flash of lightning.

There was good lighting arrangement at the marriage.


22. Loan: उधार

22. Lend: उधार देना


The Bank granted him a loan of five thousand rupees.

Lend me some money.


23. Moral: आचार व्यवहार

23. Morale: मनोबल


He is a man of good moral.

The moral of the troops on the front is very high.


24. Most: अत्याधिक (सबसे अधिक)

24. Almost: लगभग


Mohan Das Gandhi was the most honest boy in the class.

It’s almost time to go for a walk.


25. Notable: विख्यात

25. Notorious: कुख्यात


August, 15, 1947 is a notable day in the history of India.

He is notorious gambler.


26. Once: एक बार

26. One’s: एक व्यक्ति का


I have been there once.

One should obey one’s conscience.


27. Passed: व्यतीत हुआ

27. Past: पिछ्ला


The month passed away very soon.

The past month was very enjoyable.


28. Ordinance: विशेष आदेश

28. Ordnance: युद्ध सामग्री


The president has issued an ordinance today.

He employed in the ordnance department.


29. Peace: शान्ति

29. Piece: टुकड़ा


A treaty of peace was signed between two countries.

The teacher asked for a piece of chalk.


30. Persecute: अनुचित रूप से तंग करना

30. Prosecute: अभियोग चलाना


The Jews were persecuted in Nazi Germany.

Trespassers will be prosecuted.


31. Personal: व्यक्तिगत

31. Personnel: कर्मचारी वर्ग


It is my personal matter. Please don’t interfere.

The officer maintained the morale of the personnel in his division.


32. Physic: दवा

32. Physique: शरीर की बनावट


No physic can cure the patient if he is careless.

He has a fine physique.


33. Pore: छिद्र

33. Pour: डालना


Sweat comes out from the pores of the skin.

Pour some water in my glass.


34. Portable: हाथ से उठा कर ले जाने योग्य

34. Potable: पीने योग्य


She has brought a portable television from Germany.

Pond water is not potable.


35. Prescribed: दवा का निर्देश देना

35. Proscribe: कानूनी संरक्षण से अलग करना


The Doctor prescribed a very costly medicine.

That man has been proscribed by law.


36. President: राष्ट्रपति

36. Precedent: पूर्व घटना या उदाहरण


The president of India has gone to England.

She has set a good precedent for others to follow.


37. Price: दाम

37. Prize: ईनाम


The price of paper has gone up.

Anil got the first prize.


38. Principal: प्रधानाचार्य

38. Principle: सिद्धांत


Who is the principal of your college?

My uncle was a man of principle.



39. Propose: प्रस्तावित करना

39. Purpose: इरादा


Let them propose the subject for their debate.

I had come with a purpose to see you.


40. Rain: वर्षा होना

40. Reign: शासन करना

40. Rein: लगाम


It’s raining.

The queen reigned lover England.

When the reins were pulled tightly, the horse stopped.


41. Recollect: किसी भूली वस्तु को याद करना

41. Remember: याद करना


I often recollect my childhood and feel amused.

I remember my lesson every day.


42. Respectable: प्रतिष्ठित

42. Respectful: सम्मानपूर्ण

42. Respective: अपनी अपनी


Our boss is respectable gentleman.

You should be respectful to your parents.

After the lecture was over the students returned to their respective classes.


43. Root: जड़

43. Rout: यात्रा का रास्ता


Love of money is the root of all evils.

What is the railway route between Delhi and Bombay?


44. Rout: हार, पराजय

44. Riot: झगडा


The morale of enemy was very low because of its rout.

There is a great disturbance in the town because of the Hindu Muslim riot.


45. Shoot: कोपल

45. Shoot: शिकार करना


A shoot has sprung up from the plant.

That man has gone to shoot duck.

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Rajesh Bhatia

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