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Commonly Confused Words Part K

Hello friends,

I think that you have read previous blog of "Commonly Confusing Words" and understood about it clearly. Now we will study the remaining part of "Commonly Confusing Words" in this blog.

116. Sole: जूते का तला, पैर का तलवा

116. Soul: आत्मा


Get the sole of the shoe changed.

A good soul goes to heaven.

117. Stationary: स्थिर, ठहरा हुआ

117. Stationery: पढने लिखने की वस्तुयें


The sun is stationary.

He deals in stationery.

118. Table: मेज

118. Table: तालिका


There is a book on the table.

There is a table in chapter six of this book.

119. Tasteful: मधुर, सुरुचिपूर्ण

119. Tasty: स्वादिष्ट


The house of our madam was decorated in a tasteful manner.

Our madam served us very tasty meals.

120. Two: दो

120. To: को, की और

120. Too: भी, इतना अधिक


There are two sides of everything.

Come to me, I’ll advise you.

She is too weak to walk.

121. Uninterested: रूचि न रखना

121. Disinterested: निष्पक्ष


I am uninterested in inactive games.

Let us ask any disinterested man to settle out dispute.

122. Valuable: बहुमूल्य

122. Invaluable: अमूल्य


This is a valuable manuscript.

Kohinoor is an invaluable diamond.

123. Whose: किसका

123. Who’s: कौन है


Whose pen is this?

Who’s at the door?

If you have any problem to understand the rule of this topic, Please ask about your problem in comment box.

Rajesh Bhatia

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