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Commonly Confused Words with Sentences

Hello Friends,

I am providing you Commonly Confused Words with Sentences and with their proper use, examples and Hindi meaning. These are used mostly in our daily conversation and writing. So, try to learn it in English in your daily conversation and writing and remove your confusion about these words. Read the all words with examples very carefully and try to make another example of given kind of words in your own language. It is a great fun to learn English. 

Commonly Confused Words with Sentences

किसी भाषा में शब्दों का उचित प्रयोग एक मुख्य बात है इसके लिए निरंतर अभ्यास और प्रयत्न की आवश्यकता है हमें शब्द काप्रयोग करने से पूर्व उसका अर्थ आना चाहिये कुछ शब्द ऐसे होते है जो अलग अलग हैपर दोनों के अर्थ पास पास होते है ऐसेशब्दों को भली भाँती मन में बैठाइए और फिर दोनों के अर्थ में जो अंतर हैउसे वाक्यों के द्वारा स्पष्ट रूप से समझ लीजिये |

1. Admit सत्य के रूप में स्वीकार करना               

1. Confess गलती स्वीकार करना


I admit that you are abler than I am.

He confessed his guilt before the judge.


2. Among: दो से अधिक व्यक्तियों या वस्तुओं के बीच

2. Betweenदो व्यक्तियों या वस्तुओं के बीच


The property divided among four children.

The property was divided between the two children.


3.Amount: एक एक करके गिने जा सके      

3.Number: एक एक करके  गिने जा सके


A large amount of rice was delivered to the storehouse.

A large number of bags of rice was delivered.


4. Anxious: अर्थात चिन्तित थे

    Eager: उत्सक


We were anxious about his health.

We are eager to see him healthy again.


5. Apt: प्रवर्ती

5. Liable: जिम्मेदार


He is apt to get into mischief.

If you drive rashly you are liable to a heavy fine.



6. Artisan: जो किसी दस्तकारी का काम करता हो (दस्तकार)

6. Artist: जो किसी कला में प्रवीण हो, (कलाकार)


That carpenter is a good artisan.

Kalidas was a good artist.


7. As: योजक शब्द जिसके बाद क्रिया लगती है

7. Like: जैसा


Do as I do, not as I say.

Try not to behave like a child.


8. Audience: श्रोताओं का समूह

8. Spectators: दर्शकों का समूह


The speaker bored the audience with his long speech.

The slow hockey game bored the spectators.


9. Better: पहले से कुछ स्वस्थ  

9. Well: पूरी तरह स्वस्थ


She is better today than she was a week ago.

In a month or two she will be quite well.


10. Both: दो का आपस में सम्बन्ध

10. Each: दो या दो से अधिक का आपस में सम्बन्ध


Both the sisters are beautiful.

Each girl has a new book.


11. Bring लाना

11. Take ले जाना


Bring bread from the market.

Take your bread fast with you when you go to school.


12. Can: सकना (शारारिक रूप से समर्थ)

12. May: आज्ञा या अनुमति के अर्थ में


She is so weak that she cannot walk.

May I come in?


13. Climate: जलवायु

13. Weather: मौसम


I like the climate of Shimla more than that of Dehradun.

The weather was stormy.


14. Couple: जोड़ा

14. Pair: जोड़ा (दो एक जैसी वस्तुयें) 


Two couples remained on the dance floor.

I have a new pair of shoes.


15. Despise घृणा करना

15. Detest पसंद  करना


Some people despise the poor.

I detest hot weather.


16. Each other: दो व्यक्तियों में

16. One another: एक दुसरे से


Kavita and Savita have known each other for ten years.

These four girls have known one another for ten years.


17. Former: दो में से पहला

17. Latter: दो में से दूसरा


The former half of the film was dull.

The latter half of the film was interesting.


18. Habit: आदत

18. Custom: प्रथा या रिवाज


Gambling is a habit with him.

It is a custom among Hindus to cremate the dead.


19. If: यदि

19. Whether: विकल्प सूचक


She will get through the examination if she works hard.

She asked whether I intended to go to the cinema.


20. If it was: यदि ऐसा था

20. If it were: यदि ऐसा होता


If it was there in the morning, it should be there now.

If I were the Prime Minister of India, I would remove poverty.


21. In: मेके अन्दर (इसमें गति नहीं होती)

21. Into: के अन्दर (इसमें गति होती है)


The papers are in my drawer.

You put the papers into my drawer.


22. Learn ज्ञान प्राप्त करना

22. Teach: ज्ञान देना


They learn to read English.

They teach English.


23. Leave छोड़ना

23. Let अनुमति देना


Leave this room at this time.

Let me go now.


24. Legible: पढ़ा जा सकने वाला लेख

24. Readable: पठनीय लेख या रोचक


Your handwriting is not legible.

This book is being on technical subjects.


25. Many: संख्यावाची (बहुत से लोग)

25. Much: परिमाणवाची (जिसे गिना ना जा सके)


There were many students in the class.

We haven’t much milk.


26.May: सकना संभावना के अर्थ में (वर्तमान काल हेतु)

26.Might: सकना संभावना के अर्थ में (भूत काल हेतु)


He may come today.

He might have come if you had written a letter.


27.Patron: उपकारकसंरक्षक

27.Customer: खरीददार


The artist thanked his patrons who eagerly awaited his paintings.

The shopkeeper attended his customers.


28.People: लोग (व्यक्तियों का समूह)

28.Persons: बहुत से व्यक्ति


The people of India were poor.

Only thirteen persons remained in the cinema hall after the interval.


29.Recruitment: भर्ती

29.Employment: नौकरी


The recruitment of soldiers is going on.

Suman is in search of employment.


30.Rob: किसी व्यक्ति से बलपूर्वक लूट करना

30. Steal कोई वस्तु चुराना


The robbers rob in the way fares usually at night.

Bad boys steal books of their class fellows.


31. Shall: भविष्य काल की सहायक क्रिया

31. Will: भविष्य काल की सहायक क्रिया


I will reach in time.

You shall not reach in time.


32. State: औपचारिक रूप से घोषित करना या रखना

32. Say सामान्य रूप से कहना


Indian ambassador stated the terms for a cease-fire agreement.

You say that you won’t complete the job.


33. Stay रुकना या ठहरना

33. Stop समाप्त करना


We stayed at the hotel for two days only.

We stopped the work and returned home.


34. Tender: औपचारिक रूप से प्रस्तुत करना

34. Give देना या दान करना


On the order of his boss, he tendered an apology for his misbehavior.

He gave testimony readily before the jury.


35. Testimony: केवल मौखिक रूप से दी गई सूचना या प्रमाण

35. Evidence: मौखिक या लिखित रूप से दिया गया प्रमाण


He readily gave testimony to the jury.

The defendant presented written evidence to prove that he was not present at the scene.


36. Win: खेल में जीतना

36. Beat: दूसरे खिलाड़ी को हराना


Hurrah! We won the match.

I beat you while playing cards.


37. Accept स्वीकार करना 

37. Expect: छोड़कर 


He accepted my advice in this matter.

The entire staff except juniors has been called.


38. Access: पहुँच 

38. Excess: अधिकता 


He was a poor man and had no access to the higher authorities.

Excess of everything is bad.


39. Adapt अनुकूल बनाना या नया रूप देना 

39. Adept: कुशल 

39. Adopt अपनाना 


One must learn to adapt oneself to circumstances.

He adopted a child from the orphanage.

He is an adept carpenter.


40. Addition: बढ़ोतरी

40. Edition: पुस्तक का संस्करण


Some alternation and additions have been made in this book.

The third and latest edition of the Bhagavad Gita has been published.


41. Adverse: दुर्भाग्यपूर्ण

41. Averse: किसी कार्य को करने में अनिच्छुक


True friends never leave in adverse conditions.

In modern time, most of the students are averse to hard work.


42. Affect प्रभावित करना

42. Effect: लागू करना (Verb)

42. Effect: प्रभाव (Noun)


Your behavior should affect others.

His speech didn’t produce any effect on the audience.

The old rule is still in effect.


43. All ready: सभी लोग और सभी चीजें तैयार

43. Already: पहले से ही


We were all ready to go when the class teacher arrived.

We had already begun writing when the class teacher arrived.


44. All together: सभी लोग मिलकर

44. Altogether: पूरी तरह से


The boys and girls sang all together.

This was altogether strange for a person of my type.



45. All ways: सभी तरह से

45. Always: हमेशा या सदा


The scheme was in all ways acceptable to the masses.

Always help the poor.


46. Altar: पूजा की वेदी

46. Alter बदलना


He knelt before the altar and took a vow not to touch wine all his life.

I can’t alter my plans now.


47. Amend सुधार करना

47. Emend किसी साहित्य का संशोधन या संपादन करना


You must amend your ways.

Before publications first part of the book had to be amended.


48. Alternate: एक दिन छोड़कर

48. Alternativeविकल्प


The Doctor comes to see him on every alternate day.

There was no other alternative so I agreed to the terms.


49. Bazaar: बाजारजहां वस्तुओं का क्रय विक्रय किया जाता है

49. Bizarre: विचित्र या भद्दा


She went to Bazaar for shopping.

She dresses in Bizarre manner.


50. Berth: सोने की जगह

50. Birth: जन्म


She got a berth reserved for herself in the Kalka Mail.

What’s your date of birth?

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