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Doubling Speed of Writing Without Losing Quality: What Should You Do to Master It?

Like all occupations in the world that people choose to work on, writing is just another one that requires a certain level of quality to be met. Every writer, especially professionals, always strives to provide customers with the best possible samples and maintain the quality of their samples. It is something that people often admire and use into consideration while determining which writer satisfies their requirements. But the problems frequently start to appear when the speed of writing comes to the scene. The fact is that it determines the efficiency of the writers and how quickly they can deliver their content. So, the purpose of today's article is to provide you with tips on how to double your writing speed without lowering the quality of it. Let’s see what we’ve got prepared.


Pay Attention To How You Place Your Hand -

Placing your hand is one of the first things you should care about while you write. It is essential for all types of writing, especially essays, for example. Of course, if you need help you can always visit and see others' opinions on it. Anyways, if you are aware of how big an impact the Internet has nowadays on many spheres of our lives, then you surely know that writing has expanded. Now, writers often write through programs and writing tools that computers allow them to use. In such a case, you need your hands correctly placed onto the keyboard. But if we speak specifically about writing through the paper forms, the placement of your hands can play a crucial role in doubling the speed of writing. It seems like a simple thing but you must keep a close eye on it. You should lay the hand you use to write perfectly onto the surface. That way, you will be able to rest other fingers while others will do the work. This “technique” is also very beneficial for typing. If you plan to write your content by using this method, try to place your hands as comfortably as possible. Place both of your thumbs on the spacebar and your other fingers on the middle of your keyboard. Just practice this a couple of times and you will get used to it quickly. When you master it, which is not hard, you will notice immediate progress in the speed of your writing.


Try Not To Look At The Keyboard -

One of the things that are common for novices in writing is to constantly look at the keyboard. They are probably doing it because they feel some sort of discomfort and uncertainty. Naturally, when you are new to something it will take some time to develop self-confidence. But in order to double your speed and not lose quality alongside, try not to look at the keyboard so often. As long as you continue to type, you will easily remember the places of all the letters and buttons. That means that you will develop a technique of “blind typing”. It is very useful for speeding up your writing. And, a big plus is that you can master it by just typing without paying attention to the keyboard. Basically, that’s what blind typing refers to. Usually, writing demands a certain amount of focus from authors. Of course, you need to stay focused all the time. But if you want to maintain the same quality when you double speed, you must perfect typing even when you are blindfolded. This is a thing that requires time and effort but results will be inevitable. You must be consistent and have a strong will to manage to perfect this method.


The Best Possible Tip - Practice!

One of the best possible tips that someone can give you about writing is to keep practicing. Every type of art demands it in big amounts and with continuity. Whether it is singing, painting, writing, or any other type of art, you must keep working on it and practice to become better. It is sad but true that newer generations have that luxury nowadays to practice typing at a very young age. It simply came as a consequence of the time they are born at. You probably hadn’t had that at your disposal. Today, youngsters have the privilege to use a lot of different technological equipment in the form of laptops, computers, iPods, or phones. That allows them to develop their writing skills and work on them from the very beginning. And when they come to an adult period, they will already have built-up writing skills as you probably don’t. Therefore, if that’s the scenario, the most important thing for you is to practice. It has been shown hundreds of times that people can reach the top of the writing world only by tireless practicing. Of course, you can use the time you live in as an advantage and try to find some writing tools online. The use of the Internet has become a daily routine for many individuals throughout the globe. You can always find some that will make your writing easier and increase your speed of writing. And lastly to be mentioned, when you practice there might be some little things that can distract your attention from writing. Try to minimize them as much as you can. Find everything that has an impact on your focus and forget about it while you write. That way your thoughts will be aimed towards writing only.



Efficiency is very popular and appreciable in the world of writing. It represents an essential part of every professional writers’ work and a key to their success. And obviously, it can be reached only by increasing the speed of writing. The faster you write, the less time you will need for delivering your content. If you listen to our suggestions above, you can stay assured that you will double your speed of writing and the quality won’t suffer for a second. Just be patient and don’t hesitate to work consistently!

Rajesh Bhatia

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