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There are many people who had problems with spellings. Whatever you are a student or a working professional or you are starting a new job and want to be sure you can spell the important words that you will use every day. can help you in improving your spellings. No need to feel shy or embarrassed about your spellings. Now there's an easy-to-use and fun way to improve. let's starts with some quick tips: Check out spellings with our search tool: English Sikho comes with inbuilt s......


English has planty of resouces to improve your speaking browse through words and listen pronouciation of words. Take spell challenge that will help you in improving your listening capability we are sharing couple of tips to improve rapidly: Listen to audio or watch your favorite show or movie in English, and as the characters speak, repeat loudly and simultaneously with them. Do not focus on the pronunciation at the first go, just keep repeating the process and you will develop it even......

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