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Past Continuous Tense in Hindi: Definition, Rules and Exercises

Past Continuous Tense


In the last blog of Simple Past Tense, you have gained the knowledge of Simple Past Tense and 

you have known that how to translate Hindi sentence into English of Simple Past Tense. Now I am 

explaining the Rule of Past Continuous Tense in Hindi with examples. First of all, you will have to 

know, why we use Past Continuous Tense. We use Past Continuous Tense in Hindi to show the 

continuity of our work in past time. Let’s start.


What is the Definition of Past Continuous Tense


Past Continuous Tense is used to mention an outgoing action of the past. It expresses past action 

having an on-going nature. An action that continued for some time in past, are expressed in Past 

Progressive Tense.

This tense is also called Past Progressive Tense.

"It is used for continuing work in past time."

"जब हमारा काम Past Time में लगातार चल रहां हो तो हम Past Continuous Tense का प्रयोग करते है" |

हिंदी वाक्यों के अंत में “रहा था, रहा थी, रहा थे आता है |


Rule of Making Sentence from Hindi to English

1. Subject "I, He, She, It and Singular" के साथ 'was' helping verb का प्रयोग होता है | 

2. Subject "You, We, They and Plural" के साथ 'were' helping verb का प्रयोग होता है  |

3. Verb की 1st form के साथ ing का प्रयोग होता है |

 4. Negative Sentence में was/were के बाद not का प्रयोग होता है |

5. Interrogative Sentence में was/were को Subject से पहले लगाते है |


 Sentence Making Formula

Subject + was/were + 1st form of verb + ing + object + etc. (Simple sentence)

Subject + wasn’t/weren’t + 1st form of verb + ing + object + etc. (Negative Sentence)

Was/.were + Subject + 1st form of verb + ing + object + etc? (Interrogative sentence)



She was playing Kabbadi with Rajesh. (वह राजेश के साथ कबबड़ी खेल रही थी)

She was not playing kabbadi with Rajesh.  (वह राजेश के साथ कबबड़ी नहीं खेल रही थी)

Was she playing Kabbadi with Rajesh? (क्या वह राजेश के साथ कबबड़ी खेल रही थी?)



Adverbs of Past Continuous Tense


यदी वाक्य (Sentence) When  या While से शुरू हो तो वाक्य (sentence)  को Past Continuous Tense में 

बनाते है और दुसरे वाक्य (sentence) को Past Indefinite Tense में बनाते है |


1. When I ------------ (go) to market, I saw my friend on the way.  (Answer is - was going)

2. Radha was reading while Seeta ----------- (sleep) in her room.  (Answer is - was sleeping)




Past Continuous Tense shows the continue action in Past time. By this tense, we can show our 

continuing work of Past Time in the English language.


If you have any problem to understand the definition, rules, formulas, and exercise of Past 

Continuous Tense, Please ask me in the comment box. I will surely solve your problem.


Comment us and share the blog with your friends.

Rajesh Bhatia

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