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Tense Exercise With Answers for Exams

Today I am providing Tense Exercise with Answers for Local Exams and Competitive Exams. You can easily get 2-3 marks with the help of Tense Exercise for  Exams. This post of English Tense Exercise for local exams and competitive exams is very important also related to Grammar topic:

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Tense Exercise with Answers for Exams


1. It is already 4 P.M. They………… (not arrive) yet.

(A)have not arrived

(B) has not arrived

(C) is arriving

(D) was arriving

The correct answer is A


2. Rashmi is not in the hostel. She………(go) out.

(A) has gone

(B) have gone

(C) had gone

(D) has been gone

The correct answer is A


3. Sita………. (hurt) her leg. She can’t walk fast.

(A) has hurt

(B) had hurt

(C) has been hurt

(D) had been hurt

The correct Answer is A


4. Suresh has no more books to sell. He……(sell) all the books.

(A) has sold

(B) had sold

(C) has been sold

(D) had been sold

The correct answer is A


5. They………. (play) second match in the morning.

(A) have played

(B) has played

(C) had played

(D) has been played

The correct answer is A


6. Shilpa………. (reach) home last evening.

(A) reached

(B) is reaching

(C) was reaching

(D) are reached

The correct answer is A


7. They………. (complete) their project just now.

(A) have completed

(B) has completed

(C) had completed

(D) is completed

The correct answer is A 

8. Ramesh………. (Finish) his work before Rakhi came.

(A) have finished

(B) had finished

(C) has been finished

(D) is finished

The correct answer is A


9. The girl………(fall) from the roof while………(fly) a kite.

(A) fell, flying

(B) is falling, fly

(C) was falling, flew

(D) fall, fly

The correct answer is A


10. It………. (rain) heavily since Monday.

(A) has been raining

(B) have been raining

(C) is raining

(D) was raining

The correct answer is A


11. Raksha……...(fall) from the roof while she………(walk) in the gallery.

(A) fell, was walking

(B) is falling, walk

(C) was falling, walked

(D) fall walked

The correct answer is A




12. Ranu……. (slip) while she……….(climb) up the roof.

(A) slipped, was climbing

(B) slip is climbing

(C) has slipped, climbed

(D) is slipped, climbing

The correct answer is A


13. The light………. (go) out while she……..(climb) up the roof.

(A) went were having

(B) go, is having

(C) gone, am having

(D) is going, was having

The correct answer is A


14. Swami………..(ring) the bell at 4 P.M daily.

(A) rings

(B) ring

(C) is rung

(D) was ringing

The correct answer is A



15. We……….(live) in this country since India attained freedom.

(A) have been living

(B) has been living

(C) is living

(D) was living

The correct answer is A



16. We….(wait) for the train for last three hours.

(A) have been waiting

(B) has been waiting

(C) is waited

(D) was waited

The correct answer is A



17. Ankita……..(read) the ‘Ramayana’ daily in the morning.

(A) reads

(B) is reading

(C) was reading

(D) has read

The correct answer is A



18. A dog (bite) him, while she……..(pass) through the forest last week.

(A) bit was passing

(B) beat, is passing

(C) bit, has passed

(D) bit, have passed

The correct answer is A



19. Smriti…….(write) a story when Rahul…….(enter) the room.

(A) was writing, entered

(B) is writing, enter

(C) were writing, entered

(D) am writing, has entered

The correct answer is A



20. They………..(climb) up the ladder when they………(hear) a loud sound.

(A) climbed, heard

(B) has climbed, is hearing

(C) was climbed, was hearing

(D) have climbed, is hearing

The correct answer is A



21. When Seema arrived, they……..(take) them lunch.

(A) had been taking

(B) has been taking

(C) have been taking

(D) is taking

The correct answer is A



22. They………(play) football for half an hour when it started to rain.

(A) climbed, heard

(B) is climbing, hears

(C) was climbing, heard

(D) were climbing, is hearing

The correct answer is A



23. We……. (try) hard for ten weeks when we succeeded in solving the puzzle.

(A) had been trying

(B) has been trying

(C) was trying

(D) were trying

The correct answer is A



24.He…….(put) hard to secure the first Rank for three years. He finally achieved the success.

(A) had been putting

(B) has been putting

(C) have been putting

(D) is putting

The correct answer is A



25. She……(suffer) from fever for more than five days when she received the appointment letter.

(A) had been suffering

(B) has been suffering

(C) have been suffering

(D) is suffering

The correct answer is A 


This exercise is very important for your local exam and also competitive exams as like SSC, RPSC, Bank Exam etc. Do practice of it for your best result in English.

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Rajesh Bhatia

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