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Uses of Noun with Examples in Hindi

In this blog, we will learn the Uses of Noun with Examples in Hindi. I will explain the Uses of Noun in Hindi. If you want to learn the Uses of Noun with Examples in Hindi successfully, you will have to study the examples attentively. I have explained the Types of Noun with Examples in Hindi previous blog. Read also our previous blog.


This topic is very important for Daily uses work and conversation and the very important topic Framing Questions and Present Continuous Tense.

Uses of Noun with Examples


Material Noun

A Material Noun is the word used for the substance of which things are made.

जिन संज्ञा (Noun) से ऐसे पदार्थ का बोध हो जिससे दूसरी वस्तुएं बन सकें, उसे पदार्थवाचक संज्ञा (Material Noun) कहते है |


This chair is made of iron.

These houses are made of stone.

Gold is the precious metal.

The words, “iron, stone and gold” are Material Nouns.


Collective Noun

A collective Noun is the name of a group of person o0r things.

जिस संज्ञा (Noun) से समूह का बोध हो, उसे समूहवाचक संज्ञा (Collective Noun) कहते है |


There are sixty students in my class.

She gave me a bunch of flowers.

He is a member of our cricket team.

The words “class, bunch and team” are Collective Noun.

Abstract Noun

An abstract Noun is the name of an action, a state or quality.

जिस संज्ञा (Noun) से गुण, कार्यविधि या अवस्था का बोध हो, उसे भाववाचक संज्ञा (Abstract Noun) कहते है |


Laughter is a sign of happiness.

Kashmir is known for its beauty.

The words “laughter, happiness and beauty” are Abstract Noun.


Countable and Uncountable Noun

Countable Noun is those which can be counted.

गिनी जा सकने वाली संज्ञा (Noun) को Countable Noun कहते है |


I have five cups.

There are one thousand books in the library.

कप और किताब को हम गिन सकते है इसीलिये यह Countable Noun है

(2) Uncountable Noun is those which cannot be counted.

गिनी जा सकने वाली संज्ञा (Noun) को Uncountable Noun कहते है |


I want to take milk.

There are stars in the sky.

“Milk and Stars” को हम गिन नहीं सकते है इसीलिये यह Uncountable Noun है |

If you find any problem to understand the rule of this topic, Please ask your problem in the comment box.

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